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217 Lit​​​​​tle Things In Life You Don't Realize You Love

I recently came across Mary Kate Henderson’s article on The Odyssey, and it reminded me of all the simple yet meaningful little things life has to offer.

I don’t know what it was about this list, but there were so many items that stood out and reminded me of a specific person, event, or place.

With all the memories that came flooding back while scrolling through the post, I was inspired to start a list of my own.

Whether you admit it or not, it’s not until things like these are mentioned that you are truly able to appreciate them.

With that in mind, here are 217 little things you don’t realize you love:

  1. That moment when you look up and lock eyes with a stranger in passing, and they smile at you.
  2. When your food finally comes.
  3. The feeling after a really good workout.
  4. Comfy couches.
  5. The smell of the ocean.
  6. Seeing your parents happy.
  7. Taking advantage of a really good sale.
  8. Good conversations over dinner.
  9. When someone tells you they miss you.
  10. Learning a new skill.
  11. Online shopping.
  12. Babies learning how to walk.
  13. When someone remembers something you told them that you didn’t expect them to.
  14. Laughing with your siblings.
  15. Problems that go away on their own.
  16. Car rides.
  17. Reading witty captions.
  18. Cleaning your room and discovering old treasures.
  19. When plans push through.
  20. Hearing inspirational success stories.
  21. Instantly clicking with someone you just met.
  22. Finally getting to eat what you’ve been craving for.
  23. Dogs.
  24. Making it right before the light turns red.
  25. Sing-a-longs to throwback songs, and you know all the words.
  26. Free shipping.
  27. Being complimented by a stranger.
  28. Remembering something you need to bring right before you leave.
  29. People who get your references to TV shows and movies.
  30. Hearing old people tell stories.
  31. Laughing so hard no sound comes out.
  32. When you inspire someone else.
  33. Vacations.
  34. Finding the perfect outfit.
  35. Seeing your parents’ old photo albums.
  36. When your delivery arrives.
  37. Strangers who offer to take your picture.
  38. Having a best friend that calls you their best friend.
  39. When someone tells you that you made their day.
  40. Finding money in an old jacket or purse.
  41. Staying in touch with childhood friends.
  42. Long weekends.
  43. Randomly seeing an inspirational quote.
  44. People that laugh at the same things you do.
  45. Google.
  46. Lush forests.
  47. Seeing your hard work pay off.
  48. When someone offers you their seat.
  49. Risks that work out in the end.
  50. Feeling well-rested when you wake up.
  51. Taste tests.
  52. Riding roller coasters.
  53. Relaxing at the beach.
  54. When you’re so happy you can’t stop smiling.
  55. Doing a good deed for a stranger.
  56. When plans you didn’t want to go to get cancelled.
  57. The snooze button.
  58. Watching how excited someone gets when they talk about something they’re passionate about.
  59. Learning about people’s childhoods and what made them who they are.
  60. Good timing.
  61. Talented street performers.
  62. Chocolate-covered strawberries.
  63. When someone watches the movie or TV show you recommended.
  64. Meeting someone genuinely nice.
  65. Puns.
  66. Road trips with friends.
  67. Being able to make your own decisions.
  68. Dad jokes.
  69. When a movie you’ve been waiting for finally comes out.
  70. Warm showers.
  71. The smell of your hair after a haircut.
  72. When your favorite TV series returns from break.
  73. Getting to rest after a long day.
  74. Seeing people you haven’t seen in forever and picking up right where you left off.
  75. When your skin is at its best.
  76. Colorful botanical gardens.
  77. Stopping yourself from making an impulsive purchase.
  78. Selflessness.
  79. Finding someone who understands you.
  80. The eye contact and laughs that come from inside jokes.
  81. People who don’t let others discourage them from following their dreams.
  82. When someone tells you something they’ve never told anyone else.
  83. Christmas morning.
  84. Sitting in comfortable silence.
  85. When someone knows exactly what to say.
  86. Hearing something good someone else said about you.
  87. Arriving exactly on time.
  88. Rainbows.
  89. Laughing about old memories.
  90. Entertaining tour guides.
  91. When the radio plays really good songs in a row.
  92. Naps.
  93. When someone opens up to you.
  94. Modern architecture.
  95. Being able to prove yourself to someone who doubted you.
  96. Comfort food.
  97. Getting to clear your head.
  98. When it’s finally hot enough to wear shorts.
  99. Watching people pursue their passions.
  100. Finding a book you can’t put down.
  101. Being able to recall a happy memory perfectly.
  102. Late-night conversations.
  103. Discovering a good restaurant.
  104. Good news.
  105. Learning about the things you have in common with someone.
  106. Fresh starts.
  107. Ice cream on a hot day.
  108. Passionate artists.
  109. When you can’t seem to run out of things to talk about.
  110. Making someone proud.
  111. Feeling satisfied after a good meal.
  112. People who are genuinely fun to be around.
  113. When your family agrees on where you’re going to eat.
  114. Taking the scenic route.
  115. Finding a new show to watch.
  116. Going through old pictures.
  117. Waking up happy after a really good dream.
  118. Being trusted to keep a secret.
  119. Pay-it-forward stories.
  120. Calming yoga.
  121. Country music.
  122. When someone takes time to get to know you.
  123. Knowing that your input is appreciated.
  124. Contagious laughter.
  125. Friendships that never change.
  126. Wearing new clothes for the first time.
  127. Memorizing the lines of a movie word for word.
  128. When people are listening intently to you.
  129. Buffets.
  130. Having enough free time to binge-watch a new show.
  131. Reading a poem that just speaks to you.
  132. When the stranger who passes by you smells really good.
  133. Seeing something when you wake up that makes your whole day.
  134. Watching the sunset.
  135. Thrift shopping.
  136. Being able to appreciate nature.
  137. Hearing cute love stories.
  138. People who aren’t afraid to be themselves.
  139. Good hair days.
  140. Catching up with old friends.
  141. When your phone battery lasts the whole day.
  142. Pockets.
  143. Weddings.
  144. Random acts of kindness.
  145. Helpful customer service.
  146. Making it home before rush hour traffic.
  147. The smell of freshly baked cookies.
  148. Figuring out how to do something on your first try.
  149. Watching waves by the ocean.
  150. Taking an Instagram-worthy picture.
  151. Disneyland.
  152. Eating at your favorite restaurant.
  153. Seeing a car about to leave when you’re looking for a parking spot.
  154. When they have what you want to buy in your size.
  155. Long walks on the sand.
  156. People who are willing to pick you up even when you’re out of the way.
  157. When you arrive somewhere late but the person you’re meeting arrives even later.
  158. Smoothie bowls.
  159. Confidence.
  160. Randomly bumping into people you know.
  161. When someone tells you they remembered you.
  162. Happy babies.
  163. Finding motivation to exercise.
  164. Waking up early.
  165. Drinking cold water first thing in the morning.
  166. Being treated like family at a friend’s house.
  167. New Year's Eve countdowns.
  168. Visiting parks.
  169. Hole-in-a-wall restaurants.
  170. When someone offers to pay for the bill.
  171. Long hugs from someone you really missed.
  172. Driving on open roads.
  173. Capturing the perfect moments on camera.
  174. Finding the perfect addition to your skin care routine.
  175. Exploring a new city.
  176. Hearing a song that gives you goosebumps.
  177. Completing everything on your to-do list.
  178. Strangers who hold the door for you.
  179. Quick service at restaurants.
  180. When a good series gets renewed for another season.
  181. Getting a table at a restaurant right before it starts getting crowded.
  182. Witnessing milestones.
  183. Glass sculptures.
  184. Rewatching old TV shows.
  185. When babies want to play with you.
  186. Coincidences.
  187. Feeling really clean after a good shower.
  188. When you make it right in time for the train.
  189. Seeing beautiful landscapes on long drives.
  190. The excitement of basketball games.
  191. When you can have a conversation without even speaking.
  192. Waking up before your alarm and getting to go back to sleep.
  193. Movies that have you at the edge of your seat.
  194. When someone asks you for advice.
  195. Finding an empty seat on the train.
  196. Good breakfasts to start your day.
  197. People you’re comfortable being yourself around.
  198. Graffiti art.
  199. Seeing the progress you’ve made towards the goal you’re working for.
  200. Accommodating staff.
  201. Karaoke nights.
  202. Receiving recognition for something you’ve worked really hard on.
  203. Picnics.
  204. Choosing the perfect day to bring shades.
  205. Playing card games.
  206. When someone’s excited to see you.
  207. Being able to take your time.
  208. Winning a bet.
  209. Works of art that you feel like you could stare at forever.
  210. Not needing to iron your clothes before wearing them.
  211. People who take initiative to do something.
  212. Getting the exact gift you wanted.
  213. Memory boxes.
  214. Free Wi-Fi.
  215. When someone helps you carry your stuff.
  216. Seeing kids play the childhood games you used to play.
  217. People who make time for you.

This list was faster to compose than you might think–217 may seem like a lot right now, but as you take more time to appreciate the little things, you’ll realize that the list never has to end.